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Saturday, August 14, 2010 ; 1:13 AM {♥}

Hello, i'm ahhock! Hahaha, this lil owner actually texted me to go over to jp and donate for her cause I owe her a favour, tsk. She dumped me at jp alone and went home after i've donated. Realistic lil girl, veh veh (!) Okay shall not make this post a long one. Janet love ahhock! Okay she's gonna kill me bye. :D

You are the key to my heart

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 ; 2:34 AM {♥}

HELL00 everyone!!
I'm back LOL hahas
today having english ca, dont how to write. my mind went blank when i saw the question :(
(should be fail liao lar hahas)
erm... today after school was helping out for the national day's things hahas
(hope that 3E8 will win ba.. hehe)
nothing to post hahas...
Ohya sorry for the short post hahas.. will try to post often :)

somepeople just think that just because i never go find you mean i scared you and who do you think you are??
you thought nobody in this world hate you?
and what do you mean by i cannot stop you? Please la do you think i care on wat are you doing ?? and wasting my energy to stop you?
please look into the mirror lar!! do you think you are perfect? nobody is perfect ok!!! you say that i am the type of people who others whould hate. How about you??
And check your attitude before saying others!!
If you say that you hate me for the way i am, i never say why you hate me and you want hate then hate los it does not really matter if you hate me or not. LOL dont you think it is funny... i dont evengive a dammn!!

You are the key to my heart

Tuesday, July 27, 2010 ; 11:36 PM {♥}

yo, everyone!!!!
long time never update my blog liao hahas
so i am updating my blog now hahas!!!
erm.. kay nothing to update hahas 
GTG now see ya next time!!

You are the key to my heart

Wednesday, July 7, 2010 ; 12:27 AM {♥}

YO yoyoyoyo!!! i am back here to update my blog. was in school blogging..
was waiting for kaili to finish her PURE BIO!! hahas i very good rite hahas...
annlli was here with me hahas.. (:
erm... nothing special happen todae..

Reading- boring hahas leg cramp hahas
Emath- teacheer nag nag nag again then go through hw...
Sel- teacher crap.. file was sent for checking so lucky no need to do the classwork.. saw a video on conflict thingy then there is a girl who shouted: " SHUT UP BITCH!!!!" then the class was lky not really concentrating on the video but imitate th girl. then the whole classroom was echoing with the sentence SHUT UP BITCH, SHUT UP BITCH!!!!!!
Pe- Mr namdi never come was lky boring this whole week no Pe very sian...
Recess- EAT.EAT lols
Biology- erm do practical... anyhow do then siewmay was lky very kan jiong
SS/Geo- joven and justin was lky crap los...
FT- mdm wong call us read a article on whaat cheat on football..... samual started reading the first parragraph then later bomb kaili then she bomb joanna then joanna bomb annli then annli bomob siewmay thyen siewmay bomb waiyi then waiyi bomb ME!!! lol why me sia... then i bomb Yangkai then yangkai bombjoven then joven bomb wei hong then wei hong bomb hazwan then hazwan bomb wayne then wayne bomb syafiqah lol...

that all.... GTG liao
nothing to post le
will post more often!!  ^^

You are the key to my heart

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 ; 12:44 AM {♥}

YO!!!! hiee everyone... i am back !!! YOYOYOYO!!!!
today is the 3rd day of school since school reopen... Timetable change, NO free period !!!
Arg!!! ARG!!!!
Bee peng and ann li are with me here in lib blogging...
waiting for PKL!!! which stands for PANG KAI LI!! hahas..

Hello janet's blog FANS!

Not bad arh... got fans lerh.!!  :)
at lib i just saw somebody with a lightbulb (BLINK!!BLINK)

i will end here hahahassssssssssssss...
BYES!!!!!  XD

You are the key to my heart

Sunday, June 6, 2010 ; 4:00 AM {♥}

Happy Belated Birthday!
i am sm.

You are the key to my heart

Tuesday, June 1, 2010 ; 4:17 AM {♥}

hiee everyone hahas was not posting the last one month. tks siew may and chun lin for helping me to update my blog.. hahas THANKS!!!

just back from malaya... there was boring but fun hahas..(better then singapore rite??!!!)
holiday was realli boring.. nothing to do asd was not going back to sch for CCA or anything..
wish there is class outing hahas... ^^
kay.. i will end here..
will update soon ^^

to sm and cl: continue to help me post tks kays??? cause i haven repair my com.....
was using my bro laptop!! ^^
gtg le bb!!!
BbbyyyyeesssssSS!!!! XD

anyway this is JANET posting not SM or CL hahas

You are the key to my heart

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